We start at home – with ourselves. Thanks to our „Green Business Model“, we contribute to climate neutrality. 

QALITEC has set sustainability as a corporate goal and has integrated this attitude into its operations from the very beginning. Every day, economic, ecological and social issues present challenges which we tackle in a responsible way. With innovative thinking, QALITEC is constantly growing, incorporating new and improved methods into the company and understanding processes dynamically.

Mitigating climate change and promoting biodiversity are key priorities for us, and what better place to start than within the company, with ourselves? For instance, we are increasingly trying to emit fewer greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

At the same time, QALITEC places a high value on the well-being of people and in keeping to our motto: from people, for people. At QALITEC, employees can harmonize their private and professional life with a personalized work-life balance, equally prioritizing the demands of both career and personal life. Together with our partners and customers, we work towards sustainability and strive for long-term cooperation.

  • Our corporate actions are based on responsible values that promote sustainability. Economic, social and environmental issues are tackled and integrated into our business model. We constantly challenge ourselves to balance these concerns aptly and adeptly – for today’s and future generations. Earning money sure, but responsibly and with accountability.

  • We record our CO2
  • We offset our CO2
  • Social impact: our approach is to protect and nurture people and the environment. To this end, we give preference to CO2 compensation projects that also provide effective support for the underprivileged
  • 100% „green“ energy

We have chosen a sustainable bank which, in addition to all the services of a conventional bank, also allows us to decide which sustainable project areas are financially supported by us. We have currently opted to support the areas of „renewable energies“ and „ecological agriculture“.

In this way, the transition to cleaner and sustainable energy is further consolidated as financing nuclear-fossil energy projects is not undertaken by the bank. Moreover, in accordance with our own ethical principles, no companies or projects in the arms industry are financed.

Whenever possible, forgoing flights and switching to trains significantly reduces our ecological footprint. Thus, we have decided on the following principles for ourselves:

  • „train-state-plane“
  • Avoid flights for short distances

The climate change mitigation efforts and initiatives of our suppliers are important to us when selecting partners. We are convinced that effective climate protection is only possible if we work together. Important to us in this respect are:

  • Closed-loop economy and processes
  • Decarbonization of the supply chains

For us, a balanced, nutritious diet is just as important for the health of our staff and visitors as the protection and regeneration of soil and biodiversity. We also support fairly paid work in the supply chain and prefer the shortest possible delivery routes to minimise greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, we have opted for the following principles when selecting food & catering:

  • Seasonal food has priority
  • Regional products and suppliers are preferred
  • Fair prices in the supply chain
  • Environmentally friendly production and delivery
  • Priority is given to food that meets organic standards

We reduce our ecological footprint through simple practices:

  • Conscious use of water
  • A paperless office – digitization whenever possible
  • Waste separation
  • Environmentally friendly office cleaning
  • Responsible office materials
  • Reduced plastic waste
  • Avoiding disposable catering supplies
  • Ensuring minimal waste

Use of recyclable materials and products

Through donations, QALITEC actively supports initiatives and campaigns for climate protection. The advocacy of civil society and humanitarian projects is an important concern of our company culture.